The posters will be projected on 55-inch screens (vertical orientation), only in PDF format. 

The authors will have 10 minutes for presenting their work (6 minutes for presentation and 4 minutes for questions) during the special Poster Sessions.

Posters will be available, as well, during the whole Symposium for convenient viewing.


The presentation (in PDF) will remain static, as is usually done in a printed poster. While your presentation lasts, you will see a stopwatch on the screen, which will monitor your time, not being able to exceed, after the exposure time the screen will "turn off" to be ready for the next poster.

Guidelines to keep in mind when making your e-poster:

• Use a Power Point template and send it in PDF format.
• Size of the template: 68 cm x 121cm.
• The slides must have the assigned poster number (number of order when registering your work) in a box in the upper right corner .
• It is suggested  to use one of the following types: Verdana, Tahoma or Arial. Recommended font size: main titles minimun 36;  subtitles minimun 32; authors minimun 32 and texts minimun 24.
• Include a photo of the presenting author in the upper right corner, below the poster number.


The file containing your e-poster in PDF format must be received by the secretary of the XIII International Pear Symposium before November 30, 2018.

Keep in mind: If you do not send the e-poster before the indicated date (11/30/2018), it will not be included in the poster session.

The e - poster will be sent exclusively on - line to the address:

The deadline for abstract submission was 30 April 2018

Abstract submission guidelines

  • All abstracts must be submitted through ROSA - Responsive Online System for Acta Horticulturae submission and review.

  • For more information about how to submit your abstract, see

  • The official language of the symposium is English so only abstracts written in English will be accepted for review.

  • Abstracts should not exceed 300 words and be based on original work. Should give full information on the objective, materials and methods and major results obtained.

  • Abstracts must NOT contain tables, pictures or diagrams.

  • All abbreviations must be spelled out on first use.

  • Abstracts should be thoroughly checked for spelling (English) and grammar.

  • Submission is strictly limited to a maximum of one oral and one poster presentation per person.

  • The deadline for abstract submission is 30 April 2018. Abstracts submitted by this date will be considered for evaluation. Authors will be notified of provisional acceptance of abstracts by 15 May 2018 and for the form of presentation as oral or poster presentation. 

  • To be accepted, abstract authors must be registered and paid to attend the Symposium, by 30 November 2018.  Some poster presenters may be invited to present a speed talk of 3 minutes during an oral session.

  • All presenters (oral and poster) are expected to submit a manuscript for publication in refereed proceedings, Acta Horticulturae, by 30 November 2018.

  • For guidelines and instructions on how to prepare your manuscript for publication in Acta Horticulturae, see

General Information

  • Use limited number of references (e.g. Smith 2009), only if necessary

  • Two abstract submissions are permitted per author however please be aware that a maximum of one oral presentation and one poster presentation will be assigned per registered delegate for successful applicants. You will be required to complete the details for each abstract before submitting your next one.

  • Your abstract will be published in the Abstract Book as submitted. Please ensure you check your data carefully before submitting as changes or additions will not be possible after submission.


Presentation Type

Abstracts may be submitted and demanded to be presented as oral or poster presentations. Please note, if an overwhelming number of oral presentation submissions are received or based upon the type of the research work and content of the abstract, the Review Committee reserves the right to offer poster presentations for some of these abstracts.

Terms and Conditions:

The submission of an abstract indicates an understanding of the following rules:

  • All author(s) approve submitting this work for presentation.

  • The author(s) transfer(s) all copyright ownership of the named abstract to ISHS.

  • The author(s) agree(s) to materially confine their presentations to information in the abstract if accepted for presentation. If an author has more than one abstract accepted, each presentation will be materially confined to the information in the abstract selected for the specific session.

  • At least one author should be available to present the abstract if selected for the symposium program. The authors will immediately notify the symposium Secretariat if they are unable to attend or if the presenting author is changed. Please note that each presenter can still only present one oral and one poster. The organisers reserve the right to remove a presentation from the program in such cases.


Please Click following ROSA links for abstract and full text submission