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Dear colleagues and friends,

As we get back to normal after the holidays and summer vacation, we still have many fresh memories of the Symposium.

The “XIII International Pear Symposium – Growing in diversity” took place between the 3rd and 7th of December 2018 in the “Salón Azul” of the Municipal Palace in downtown Montevideo and was attended by more than 120 pear specialists coming from twenty-three different countries.

The scientific sessions covering: genetics and breeding, rootstocks and cultivars, training systems and pruning, crop management, pest and disease protection, fruit quality and postharvest, agroecology and system design, mechanization, information and communication technology, and precision fruit growing counted with high quality presentations and cutting-edge information.

The invited speakers were diverse in their origin and the topics covered. These specialists from China, Italy, South Africa, Spain, and United States gave excellent talks, highly informative and useful for all the participants.

Receiving growers, advisors, and other members of the Uruguayan fruit sector during the special open session, gave a unique possibility of interaction and exchange which was highly appreciated by the local industry.

We hope that the field day gave participants an overview of our infrastructure and work, and that visiting fruit growers gave the possibility of from first-hand information about the main problems and challenges the pear industry in Uruguay is going through.

We were concerned about the balance between the scientific and field production activities as well as with the social events. We hope the result was valuable for each and every one. The Symposium developed in a very friendly and positive environment, where it was easy to interact and exchange, strengthening the links between the international community of people interested in the development of pear culture.

It was a great honor and pleasure for our Organizing Committee and the Instituto Nacional de Investigación Agropecuaria (INIA) to count with all the attendees and we thank each for the effort of coming.

We hope that you agree with us in the belief of having achieved a successful event that gave every participant of the Symposium, the possibility to “grow in diversity”.


Roberto Zoppolo

Danilo Cabrera